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Lord, is it you?

So often we wish to know for sure if the Lord is guiding our steps, if we are in His will, if He is indeed the King of our life. So often we do not know. We are then so poor and so sad, not knowing if what we decide is of Him. We wish He would tell us plainly where to go, what to do, how to react, how to behave. But it seems that at that time, we do not hear His voice and feel so far away from Him.

As we pray and seek in the Word a little light, this light does not shine. As we turn to “men of God” we do not always find help. We even hear things and see things that hurt and wound our spirit.
Some of those so called giants are so busy building their own empire in the name of our Lord, that we cannot trust them. They are talking about money and using biblical principles to enrich themselves. They are not in touch with holiness. They are not building with the Lord. They do build a ministry but it is their ministry.

What we need is something else. We need Jesus and Him alone. Not the visible power, the noise and the christian theater. We need intimacy with Him in a broken spirit, released from those worldly attitudes. As we have the desire not to be mislead, we realise that the path is narrow.

But our thirst for God is such that we only care for him. It separates us from many Christian “actors” who play in order to grow in the eyes of men. We are not fascinated by apparent miracles, signs and wonders. We are attracted by His gentle Spirit. We do not confuse blessing and financial prosperity. For if prosperity was the sign of the Lord’s blessing, many children of this world would appear “blessed”.

But our seeking of the Lord leads us to a higher level. It is not seen by men. It is not silver and gold. It is real and simple, pure and holy.

It is Him, and Him alone.

Mickaël Berreby


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