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A confused age

Among those who attend meetings, read spiritual books, sing praises, watch “christian” channels, one meets sadly agitated believers, apprehensive and alarmed Christians.

How long will one mask and bury a secret sorrow, cover up an inner conflict, conceal a battle that never stops inside, keep from sight wounds that were never healed?

It’s an age of confusion we live in.
So many are tossed to and fro because of an altered modified “mental gospel”, made suitable for this rebellious world.

Many perplexed people who question the truth are in doubts, hungry for the real life. They were eager to serve the Lord and are now anxious, confused and wounded…
There is an undeniable and discernible reason. The blatant reasons are perfectly clear and self-evident.

Is the Lord many worship the Lord indeed?
Is it a distortion, an illusion, something artificial, produced by feelings rather than by the Lord?

In the light of God there is no shadow, no dark area, no opacity, no gloom, no secrecy, no guile, no deceit, no subterfuge, no hypocrisy.

When undisciplined men in charge are not acting in integrity, having self-centered rapacious and greedy motives, the teaching is false and spurious.
That man-made forged Gospel becomes a fake imitation, fabricated and inorganic.

This dangerous game is played by feigned actors, those Jesus called ravening wolves.
Psychological manipulation arising in the mind, emotional damages, irrational unconscious attitudes have superseded the work of the Holy Spirit.

An illusory gospel has been spread all over the world.
The real apostles must warn, protect, heal and comfort.

Senseless and silly unfeasible teaching jails in irrational principles ignorant scapegoats.

Millions have been abused by a delusive and millions are being abused today.
The majority is mislead while it arouses revulsion in the heart of a lucid minority who thinks clearly.

A noxious and poisonous immorality, a malicious depravity are hidden behind a hypocritical pious outward display of virtue designed to attract notice, exercise control over the minds.

One of the examples characteristic of its kind is namely greed for money or possessions, materialism…
Lust, intemperance, sensuous pleasures, voluptuous fantasy do not reflect the pure Gospel.
It tarnishes and damages the message of redemption.

Satan has polluted the minds with a bewildered teaching based upon self-esteem or self-importance.
The notion of blessing is mingled with an overly high opinion of oneself.

When we repented we were forgiven and washed from our sins.

If self-worth, self-respect, self-image and self-confidence are, within reasonable limits, essential in a moderate manner, when they are given too much prominence, they cause errors to appear.

Media exposure contributes to that misconception and creates so-called mythical spiritual giants who are not giants at all, but mendacious puppet masters.

This is one of the sources of confusion that causes so many to become perplexed and make so complex the Gospel which at it’s beginning was pure and real.

We are sent as lambs among wolves.
Paul warned that grievous wolves would enter in among us, not sparing the flock. That is a metaphor to depict people with a sadistic disregard for the pain of others.

What a disciple yearn for is to be acquainted with the real Lord, the real Holy Spirit, the real Church, the real Gospel, the real apostolic authority, the real sanctification.

Instead, we grieve over unacceptable guiles, trickery in spiritual stratagems and deceits.

The real occurs everywhere but it does not prevail and is mingled with an malevolent substance that causes death.

Let us pray the Shepherd to keep us from falling.

Mickaël Berreby


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