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Believe in Him alone

One can be defeatist and distrustful, doubting God’s Word, because of men’s attitude.
There is much of dishonesty, illegal and fraudulent events.

People cheat and mislead to gain advantage.
Many suffer hurts, pains, distress and tears.

Faith has nothing to do with the behaviour of others.
It has only to do with God and you. It even ignores what people think, what people say, what people do.

Faith escapes the jail of time.
When the Lord is near, you forget everyone and everything.

You call upon His name. He listens to your prayer.
He guides you, inspires you, strengthens you and renews you through the power of his precious anointing.

Do you need the opinion of others when you pray in the secret of your heart? No, you don’t.
Faith is your sanctuary, a place where you meet with God in a loving and holy relationship.

Faith gives hopes in times of distress.
It renews your strength.

Go to the Word prayfully and you will hear the voice of the Spirit.
I cannot “study” God’s Word without the Author.
Who is the Author?
The Holy Spirit is the Author.

If I study without praying, I use only this limited brain, but not my spirit.
The brain cannot hope. The heart does hope.
The loss of hope is what Satan destroys humanity with. That explains why there are so many people hiding their condition in drugs, fleeing from reality, unable to cope with life’s challenges.

Our destiny after death is resurrection, the redemption of our bodies, life eternal with the Lord of lords. What about now?
Do we have a hope for now?

Mankind is either hopelessly human or wonderfully human.
Does it depend upon our mood? If we are happy, the world is beautiful. If we are sad, the world goes wrong. What is the truth in this matter?

At his origin, man is God’s ressemblance.
Man was God’s outward appearance.
There is thus a lot of God in everyone of us. When you speak to any individual, you speak with someone whose origin is divine.
The worse person on earth came from the Creator. This person was abused, contaminated, blinded, mislead, wounded and killed. He has fallen in Adam as we all did.

God so loved the world… This love is against the tide.

According to the Bible, living people could be spiritually dead people.
Christianity is as humanity is, dismaying, saddening and often upsetting. Only faith sees man the way God wants man to be.

God does not see denominations. He sees individuals.
He saves one soul, one person at a time. Let us see as God does. Faith has eyes to see. When we see things that hurt us, we see what we are capable of.

Let us see by faith.
Let faith see through us.

Whatever you do by faith depends upon the eyes of your understanding being enlighted by Christ.

Mickaël Berreby


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