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Be saved

The mystery of God’s will can be made known to you now as you read.

Are you one of the called ones of Jesus Christ?
Are you predestined unto the adoption of children?
Is it the good pleasure of His will to save you?
Are you accepted in the Beloved?
Do you have redemption through his blood?

In obeying to the faith you will be saved. You do not read this message by chance. It is the appointed time for you to be saved.
Jesus was made of the seed of David. He came precisely as God said he would come at the time God appointed him to be manifested in the flesh.

The Gospel was promised by the prophets through the Holy Spirit. It is not a sudden strange illumination, but the unveiling of God’s eternal purpose. The subject of the Gospel concerns exclusively His Son Jesus the Christ, the King of Glory.

Christ becomes our Lord when we call upon His name as Lord. Just calling upon His name saves you from damnation and hell.
Thus call upon His Name. Do it now and be saved by the power of his Resurrection. Be saved by the love which flows from the cross.

Jesus was declared to be the Son of God with power. That same power can declare you to become the child of God as you simply believe.
It all depends of the Spirit of holiness. When that marvellous Spirit of Holiness comes upon you, and you just say: “Yes Lord”, then something wonderful happens. The Spirit of Holiness convicts you of sin and you repent from your sin. Then the precious blood of the Lamb cleanses you from your past. You are a new creature, a new person, a new being, a new woman, a new man. All things have become new. You feel within you the spirit of adoption and that spirit of adoption speaks to His Father.

Blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, you are chosen before the foundation of the world.

You have obtained an inheritance. By faith, just pray now:

“I heard the Word of truth.
Lord, I call upon your name.
I repent from my sin.
I humble myself.
I receive your grace.
Make me a new creature.
I want to live a life to the praise of your glory.
I trust you, Lord. I want to be sealed with your Spirit.
I am yours now and forever.

Now, Lord, by your grace alone, I am saved!”

Mickaël Berreby


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