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Such a divine love

On the cross of Calvary such a divine love was manifested to such a poor sinner as we are.
Such a grace was expressed while I was so far away. And still, again and again Christ, the Glorious Master, the King of kings, the Lord of lords is able to cleanse our hearts. He is not only able. He is willing. This is His will. He wants us in Him, abiding in Him, hidden in Him, walking in newness of life, step by step until the day we shall be like Him when we shall see Him as He is.

Who could ever explain such a love?
This love sets us free from vanity and illusion, those “poor” riches that the world offers.
This love prepares us to meet the Eternal God of glory.
This love teaches us to love.

One day, when the times were fulfilled, the everlasting son became a man to guide our destiny toward His destiny, to make us new creatures, to recreate us in the birth of Himself in us.

We were saved. We were washed away. We were free from this darkness. We could at last pray from the depth of our being: “Father, help me!”

Whatever the situation might be, one thing is sure: God will have the last word. Even when death strikes, we know that the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead will give us the incorruptible crown of glory.
We shall be like Him.

This is the Gospel.
A call to repent,
a call to be loved,
a call to be indwelt by the gentle Spirit of the living God,
a call to look at the things of this earth as they are: temporary, not
to be compared with the glory that is to come,
a call to rejoice in Him,
a call to adore,
a call to praise,
a call to sing,
a call to subdue the evil one,
a call to let the Lord speak to us, in us, through us,
a call to demonstrate to this world the power of love,
a call to experience newness of life,
a call to walk by faith,
a call to live by grace,
a call to shine His light,
a call to be forgiven,
a call to forgive others…

How could we ever descibe such a divine love?

Mickaël Berreby


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